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The Zing

Closed on 19 December 2019. Raviz Kingsland opened at this address on 27 December 2019.

Facebook post on 19 December 2018 5:36pm says :

"The Zing restaurant is now CLOSED due to new ownership. Thank you all for your continued support and patronage - this journey wouldn’t have been possible without you!

This Facebook page will now be inactive."

Review from 12 July 2018:

9 people at curry last night. Simon L, Lin, Simon G, Stephen S, Rich MS, Alexander N, Chris H and Peter G. Total bill $307.50. $34.20pp. Note this is cheaper than expected because some entrees I ordered didn't arrive and one of the mains wasn't billed.

We are not going back to this place again. As far as service is concerned, it is up there with the now closer Ruchi, Raviz Hobson St and Tiffin.

We were seated near the door. Not a good place to be at any restaurant because every time someone enters or leaves you get a blast of cold air. Not their fault so can't hold it against them. However it meant a few of us kept our coats on through the meal.

No Onion Bhaji! Sorry I didn't notice this when I checked the menu. bad mistake. They don't make it on request either.

Bad bad bad service. It was extremely hard to attract attention of staff. I had to go up to the counter a few times. They seem to walk around without looking at tables or customers so it was impossible to attract their attention even if you are standing up and waving your hand.

I don't know if this was extra busy but there was a bigger group behind us and I think there's a dinning area upstairs. So restaurant was quite full. Maybe they didn't have enough front of house.

I did have to ask them to come take orders for drinks. That's not unusual. Starters: I ordered 2 mixed pokara, 1 tandoori chicken, 1 paneer tikka and 2 orders of poppadoms. No free poppadoms either. $2 for 4 poppadoms. They came with a chutney. The mixed pokara didn't arrive. I went to query this and ask them to cancel the order since we'd finished it and the plates had been cleared. Apparently I didn't order it. Really? Oh well means we weren't charged.

I think a few said the tandoori chicken was nice. both tandoori chicken and Paneer tikka were served on flat, slate like tiles with an X trail of sauces from squeezy bottles. Paneer tikka was just paneer. No capsicum or onions with them.

Plates for mains arrived. These were stone cold. Not just room temp. They felt cold. Breads arrived with the mains. They had 6 garlic naans when we ordered 5 garlic + cheese naans and 1 garlic naan. So we sent back the 5 garlic naans. Garlic + cheese naans appeared not long after that. I assume either they had the right order waiting or they stuffed some cheese into the garlic naans we sent back and heated those.

Rice had not arrived. So as someone was delivering the main I asked for rice and was assured it was coming. After waiting for a bit I went up to the counter to ask for rice.

Eventually to small bowls of rice arrived. Simon Green said it had been 15 minutes since the mains arrived. These were in glass bowls. For those not there, assume the capacity is slightly less than the capacity of a copper curry bowl. When they were delivered we did say we needed more than that and were once again assured it was on the way. Anyway those were enough for 5 - 6 people to get a bit of rice and none for the rest of us. By this time most have finished their naans, as they had it with the curry and I had started to eat mine without rice. By now my main was luke warm.

A few minutes later I walked to cross paths with one of their staff to ask for more rice and was again assured it was coming.

Eventually a big bowl of rice did arrive and by now my main was very cold. If the first lot of rice took 15 minutes to arrive this next lot probably didn't arrive another 5 - 10 minutes after that.

Anyway we could not get out of there fast enough. Someone told me the mango lassi they ordered didn't arrive.