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Raviz appears to be a chain of indian restaurants. I am not sure what organisational structure they have.

Obviously each restaurant has their own crew, including chef. Menu is the same. Maybe the recipes are shared too. There are now 3 restaurants are now at Hobson St in CBD, Kingland and Murrays Bay.

Raviz's website is hedious. So here's their Contact Us page which lists addresses + phone numbers

Hobson St Restaurant

AVOID! DO NOT GO for Curry. very bad experience with big group for nethui curry on 11 July 2012. Also wasn't so good previous time before that.

Parking: There are a few free spots around the building. They tend to go quite quickly. There's paid parking at various parking buildings nearby including Sky City, formers farmers carpark (corner of Hobson and Wyndham St), Wilson carpark on Federal st between Victoria St W and Kingston St.

Carpark locations: Auckland City: http://www.aucklandcity.govt.nz/auckland/transport/parking/guide.asp There's a map there of auckland city parks, fees and hours.

Wilsons: http://www.wilsonparking.co.nz/html/content-easylocator.cfm (pick auckland city in the list)


Murray's Bay Restaurant

Closed branches

Kingsland Restaurant

Ellerslie Restaurant CLOSED


Mt Eden Restaurant CLOSED

Parking: There's a Pay & Display carpark opposite, as well as parks by the side of the road along Mt Eden Rd.


Auckland Viaduct Restaurant CLOSED

Now Ivory since April 2014.

Ponsonby Restaurant CLOSED

Premisses is now Mexico in Ponsonby. Mexico in Ponsonby opened on 11 Oct 2013.

Mission Bay Restaurant CLOSED

Address: 61 Tamaki Dve, Mission Bay, Auckland Phone: (09) 521 1100

Location: Mission Bay shops, in the group between Starbucks and Mama Mia Map

Visit: 8/3/7