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Easter 2010

Information about eateries (cafes, restaurants, bakeries, fastfood outlets) in the Eden Valley shops of Auckland.

About this page There is a chess tournament over the easter weekend. I started gathering a list of places near (within walking distance) the tournament venue which were open over the weekend, where participants can go for lunch. These are primarily around the Eden Valley shops. As I visited other areas of Auckland, information was gathered and included in this page (but the ones in Eden Valley listed first). There is also a list of pricing of Hot Cross Buns at a few bakeries.

This information was gathered over the last week of March 2010.

If information isn't available on their website or posted by their premises, I asked them about their easter hours and their policy regarding public holiday surcharges for this easter. I can only report what I was told. It will NOT surprise me if some of this isn't correct. I have tried to ensure I asked the manager.

IF they are not listed here, it means I haven't inquired. If I have asked and it is closed the entire weekend, it will be listed in a section of its own.

PLEASE CHECK IT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU BUY/ORDER. No one is liable for the information on this page being incorrect.

Important Notes on Easter weekend:

Eden Valley


Mt Eden