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Address: 451 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland GoogleMap Phone: (09) 630 7306

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Location: This is on Mt Eden Rd, near Grange Road. It is next to a video store. Parking around the sidestreets before, after and opposite it. There's also a few parks at the back of the restaurant.

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Lin: I also had a few words with the manager when I was sorting out the bill. Firstly we were initially charged for 11 mains instead of 10. That was why I came back to the table to ask who ordered Saagwala.

I found it unbelievable that he talked about not being prepared for hottest curry challenge since I questioned him at length about the rules and mentioned we may be doing it.

I had a chat with him about the bad service. Anyway I pointed out that one person in front of house was inadequate especially since she's was dealing with the phone as well. That onion bhaji was bad, no matter what he said.

For those who weren't there:

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time we've had a sub par experience there.

Apparently the new owner (who has been owner for less than a year) is trying to sell the business. I don't think we'll come back to this place for some time - at least until I hear there's a new owner who has improved the service.

http://www.darkmere.gen.nz/photos/curry-20070906-simla/medium/P9060226.JPG http://www.darkmere.gen.nz/photos/curry-20070906-simla/medium/P9060223.JPG