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Address: 407 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland. Google Map Link1 or Link2 Phone: 639-0888

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Made reservations for 14 November 2019. New management. Simon L noticed this a few weeks back and I checked. Facebook post on 29 September 2019 - "Hello everyone, It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves as the new Managerment team at (SITARA) and now taking orders online via www.sitara.co.nz. Your first order online comes with a 10% discount and free delivery within 3 km for orders of $30 or above." Other updates in Sept: Pic of drinks on bar on 28/9, Sitara logo made profile pic on 22/9, and phone number updated (but no change) on 1/9. No posts between then and 19 July.

Made reservations. Not sure about the discount and stuff we're used to. Will email them to ask. Bad timing on my part to call at 6pm. Email address is teaminvestmentnz@gmail.com

Looks like it is back to owners who took over in August 2017. They were confused about the mention of Chaahat on 27/12/2018. I can't remember which menu we had on 4/4/19. She did mention the chef and other kitchen staff are back in the kitchen. From what I gather they signed up to a new job when the business changed from Gurp.

Restaurant has changed ownership two weeks ago to Chaahat. Same owners as the Chaahat in Epsom. Kitchen staff new. The guy who took our orders was the guy who took our orders at Chaahat in Epsom. The guy who brought our bill was old Nite Spice staff as he recognised me and gave us the usual 10% discount. Signage still Sitara but will change sometime in 2019. Menu already changed.