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New Delhi, Auckland

New Delhi closed. Don't know when. Flamingo Indian Cuisine, at this address, opened in June 2019.

Address: 13 Mt Smart Rd, Royal Oak, Auckland Phone: (09) 624 1212

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Map: Zoomin / Google - The restaurant is in the triangle created by Mt Smart Rd, Manukau Rd and Inkerman St. Entry is from Manukau Rd.

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Previous Visits: 4 May 2017, 15/11/7, 31/5/7, 20/4/6, 9/2/6, 11/8/5, 29/1/4, 15/1/4.

We stopped going after April 2008. The food was good. Unfortunate service was slow and they mucked around with the bill and payments later. Since we stopped going the restaurant was sold and food reviews started to be bad. So we had no good reason to return.

Original owners returned and took over in December 2016 or late 2016. Facebook post announcing return. Reviews since then appear to be good. Bear this in mind when reading reviews on other review sites.

Before making reservations for 4 April, I checked and found the kitchen staff is new and owners are the ones who started the business in 1997. They also have diet coke zero, Kingfisher and Heineken.

Info added in Feb 2020: 10 people at curry. Total $372. Receipt was undated.

Previous Visits 17 Apr 2008; 2007: 15 Nov, 31 May; 2006: 24 Apr, 9 Feb; 11 Aug 2005, 15 Jan 2004;

Older comments

Comments below are not dated. They are either for the 17 April 2008 visit or visits before that.

Curry (Navarattan Korma) very good. Peanuts and pineapple in abundance. Reasonable attempt at a roti. While stocking Kingfisher (strong and regular), failure to produce mineral water or fresh limes is pretty weak.

RKD - Their cashdrawer hasnt been fixed for a few months now. Useless when trying to add up the cheque. No complaints about food. Lin adds: I don't think their cash register ever worked. Not even back in 2004. So yes give them time to add up the bill on calculator.

Simon - Can't say I was too impressed. The service was reasonable okay and the entrees good but the mains were not all that hot. People seemed to get a level or two below what they ordered and the actual food didn't seem that nice. Also there were only 3 small plates of rice at the start (which we went though in 1 minute) and they took 15 minutes before they got any more. Not awful but certainly straining to get much above the average. Nice enviroment though and service was pretty fast. 7/10 maybe.