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Jewel of India

A: 3/33 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand (NZ)

P: +64 9 5283856


Previous visits:

29/04/2021 f, 26/11/2020 f, 12/12/19 f, 7/2/19 f, 20/9/18 f, 5/4/18 f, 2/11/17 f, 1/6/17 f, 27/1/5, 9/9/4

Note: Review below are old but not removed as it reflects the visit in 2005. Our group returned to dine in 1 June 2017 and have regularly returned there since. The food and service is good.

Reviews from the Jan 27th 2005 visit. Price was $25.20 per head including alcohol. There were approx 12 people.

:Arkady's review - I don't know whether its the pure greed or the pure inability to say no , but cramming 1.5 dozen seats into a space that should seat about 10 geeks max. I mean , sure I am a fat bastard with a big loud mouth that speaks gibberish but geez 3-4 of us bigger folks were initially tightly packed. But lets not get into the fetish of admiring our beer compartments and move straight into the service provided at this fine place. :Firstly , how the hell do you NOT wash the glasses you give to customers ? Liz had a glass with bloody lipstick marks on it for fucks sake. Then as we all drank more beverages it took roughly at least 30 minutes to remove them. Ah well at least the curry itself was good. But wait there is more ! The naans were all screwed up …. some people didn't get theirs at all and i swear i saw the malaysian dude giving Lin the creeps when asked for more rice. Admittedly tho, that was some awesome Indian Hot Lamb … Perhaps a good takeaway option ? So far Raviz ranks highly in my books.

:Simon Lyall's review - There was a bit of space at the street end of the table but not a lot.Sainesh didn't have his order taken at the start (he was a little late) and the guy took nearly 10 minutes to come back for his order. I think they made a big mistake by taking down the orders at random rather than matching them to the seating. This caused problem trying to match things up later.

:Entrees were okay except that the sauces came out well after the food.

:I found the naan breads were on the hard and dry side. Rice was okay but we could have probably used one more tray. They had to go back and put some more spice in my order since they didn't make it hot to start with (it came back about right but spice wasn't mixed in 100%). My curry was okay apart from that.

:Overall not all that hot. They get a 2 point bonus for low price to give them 6/10.

:Liz (wishes) - Yeah as above for the seating - gotta make room for some of the fatter butts. I was first so grabbed the seat closest to the open door (it was freaken hot in there). Service was appalling, from dirty glasses to not removing the glasses after asking 3 or 4 times, mixing up orders, missing naan bread. Was excellent seeing Jabley (Joe Abley) and everyone. Food was superb as was price. Yeah I agree with the take away idea ;]

:Klein (also wishes) -It would have been the most welcoming atmosphere if you can be given attention upon the first call. Dined here with my business clients from my gig, the Samosas,tandoori, and chicken tikka are to die for.

Note It appears somebody removed the reviews from this page at some point. Please don't, If you don't like a review then get better and perhaps the next review will reflect this. Invite us back even.