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Citrus for Christchurch

Community Fruit Harvesting would like to send some citrus to Christchurch so they can be given for free to food banks and charities in Christchurch.

About Community Fruit Harvesting

There are many families who can't afford fresh fruit. There's also many fruit trees growing in backyards, some so bountiful that they're in excess of what's required. Rather than see fresh fruit go to waste, Community Fruit Harvesting picks the fruits and shares them with those in need. Sometimes there's even orchards that have excess fruit that are donated free to the group. Web + Facebook

About Citrus for Christchurch

Citrus don't grow well in Christchurch. The group was offered grapefruit in an organic orchard. Volunteers are planning to pick the fruit on 14 September 2014. more info on picking event. More volunteers are needed.

Can you help transport grapefruit to Christchurch?

Currently they hope to fill around 80 banana boxes of citrus, mostly grapefruit, to be sent to Christchurch. Unfortunately the transport organised for these boxes have fallen through. So the organiser is currently trying to find transport for the citrus and the aim is to get as many as possible to Christchurch.

Do you know any truck/car/van/flight going to chch with capacity to transport some of the citrus?

If you can help or suggest how they can get the citrus fruits to Chch, please contact Di Celliers. email pickfruit@xtra.co.nz or ring 021 228 9020

Please note this discussion on facebook (ie what's been suggested, tried/failed).