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Note: Chutneys has been replaced by Athidi On Parnell

Chef of Chutney bought the business and called it Athidi's.


Address: 4 / 323 Parnell Road, Parnell Village, Auckland, New Zealand



I think we were a bit over welming, they used prepackaged everything from the looks, i dont think there was much actual cooking in the kitchen that night (just reheating). Food tasted exactly the same as the foodtown ones. Was passable but im not sure i would want to go back. Place was a little squished. Waiters all were well mannered though and polite. In all fairness, I'm not to sure if this was the usual for the place though considering they were expecting twice what they had (another party cancelled) so they may have just gone with the quicker reheating option that one particular day. - Liz