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Address: 110 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby

Map Website Menu Visit: 1/10/9, 5/2/9; 27/11/8

Zoinks! Hogdiggitty dayam! One of the best curry's I've had in ages: hot as hell, full of flavour. Fast service, easiest bill paying process we've had in a long time. Take me back sometime… Mark.

Not a bad curry. Parking is a PITA tho and no good coffee nearby. -Joel

The lamb they used had good flavour. Strangely, the korma took it's time to build up its spicy flavours in my mouth, but was excellent when it got there. Not much garlic on my garlic naan though, and service sucked. They had little control panels on the table which you pushed. Presumably so they could ignore it and watch the movie without you jumping up and down to get their attention. - Vik :v)

Great, fast & friendly service. Curry was great, parantha was great. Lime pickle tried to corrode my abdominal cavity - love it like that. Lassi was a bit weak, and the raita was quite a small serving. - The Morgan