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Athidi On Parnell, Address: 4 / 323 Parnell Road, Parnell Village, Auckland, New Zealand


Location: Diagram showing location You can't see this restaurant from the road. It is behind the chocolate shop (or look for that old red phonebooth in Parnell).

Visit: 23 Aug 2007


Woah, when did we get a Wiki?

Personal opinion, the food is merely average considering the cost. I had Butter Chicken at the same place the night before the actual Curry Night and thought it tasted a bit too "barbeque sauce" flavour. The Beef Lajawab I had the next night though was better, and they did have some unique dishes which is always a plus. That said, our bill came close to $40pp (before Lin managed to negotiate a slight discount) which is fairly steep compared to locations outside of Parnell.

Rating: B-


Simon: I think the price was the big problem. For $10 per month more than most places you expect something really good. However it was about average, the curry was nice but the mains were pretty slow in coming and Parnell is a difficult place for coffee afterwards. If they had been $27/head then they would have got a 7/10 but at $37 per head they are a 4/10. Probably not worth going back without a big drop in price.