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< 17. Ppl are informed of their cost and they proceed to pay in an order fashion.


> 17. People are informed of their cost and they proceed to pay in an order fashion.

What happens during a curry dinner Here are our simple expectations for a dinner which I hope every restaurant will be able to deliver.

1. We arrive to dinner, with one or two sometimes dragging their heals. I hope that people are given a menu and asked if they would like to order a drink.

2. Poppadoms at the table to snack on while we wait for all to arrive and for entrees.

3. One of us usually works out we've got as many as we hope to get that evening and proceed to order entrees for the whole table. Being a boring/predictable bunch, we order onion bhaji, and chicken tikka. Sometimes even a paneer or vegetarian entree.

4. We usually will indicate that we will be ready to order mains in x minutes (after ordering entrees).

5. Your staff takes the mains order for the table. For each person pl note which main + how hot they wish it to be as well as what bread they'd like.

6. Staff ensures there's plates, cutlery + serviettes for entrees. Usually there's cutlery + serviettes.

7. We hope for entrees to arrive in a timely fashion.

8. After we finish entrees, table is cleared of entree dishes, plates and any empty drinks glasses/bottles/cans.

9. If no one has been checking, pleas put though a drinks order before mains.

10. Staff resets table for mains, delivering us a warmed plate each, and if required, any cutlery + serviettes.

11. Mains start to appear.

12. Rice should come with the mains. Preferable one lot with the first lot of mains and more as more of the table gets their mains

13. Naans should follow after mains + rice appear.

14. If all goes to plan everyone should have cutlery, plate, main, naan + rice.

15. Ask for the dinner bill

16. Work out cost per head + give this w list of attended to cashier.

17. People are informed of their cost and they proceed to pay in an order fashion.

1. Usually we hope there's at least an order at the start and before mains. Ideally probably need 2 or 3 drinks orders though the evening.

2. If someone is brought a new drink, we hope the old drink is cleared IF they've finished it. Often new drink is brought, empty glass/bottle is left at the table. It isn't the case that they are even cleared when entree dishes or plates are cleared. So unless one of us insists on this being taken away