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New Delhi, Auckland

Address: 13 Mt Smart Rd, Royal Oak, Auckland Phone: (09) 624 1212

Map: Zoomin / Google - The restaurant is in the triangle created by Mt Smart Rd, Manukau Rd and Inkerman St. Entry is from Manukau Rd. Dine out Reviews NZ Herald Review 4/5/6

Curry (Navarattan Korma) very good. Peanuts and pineapple in abundance. Reasonable attempt at a roti. While stocking Kingfisher (strong and regular), failure to produce mineral water or fresh limes is pretty weak.

RKD - Their cashdrawer hasnt been fixed for a few months now. Useless when trying to add up the cheque. No complaints about food. Lin adds: I don't think their cash register ever worked. Not even back in 2004. So yes give them time to add up the bill on calculator.

Simon - Can't say I was too impressed. The service was reasonable okay and the entrees good but the mains were not all that hot. People seemed to get a level or two below what they ordered and the actual food didn't seem that nice. Also there were only 3 small plates of rice at the start (which we went though in 1 minute) and they took 15 minutes before they got any more. Not awful but certainly straining to get much above the average. Nice enviroment though and service was pretty fast. 7/10 maybe.


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